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Beautiful design

I am very happy with this beautiful designer radiator. The customer service was very helpful!

Good Service

Product arrived promptly an is now installed and works very well. Very good product and much better than the unit it replaced.

Terma MOA Blue

Looks great, simple to install, once you follow the you tube video easy to setup

Excellent Service

There was a minor complication in my order, involving the element's KTX3 controller, which was handled very well.
So, I would recommend Heating Style both for their range of Terma products and their customer service.

Terma Radiators - Leading The Way | Heating Style
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Terma Radiators - Leading The Way


Terma radiators lead the way when it comes to design, energy efficiency, quality and cost competitiveness. If you are looking for a new radiator or towel rail for your home, you should certainly consider this brand. Established in 1991, Terma is a Polish company that not only specialises in designer radiators and electrical elements, but also medical and rehabilitation equipment. But what makes Terma such a great brand for radiators? What can you expect from their product selection? Read on to discover everything you need to know about Terma designer bathroom radiators, including what to consider when purchasing one.


Why Are These Designer Radiators So Popular?

Firstly, let’s take a look at the reasons why Terma radiators lead the way in the industry. One of the main reasons why these radiators are so popular is because of the design element. Let’s face it; most radiators don’t look great, do they? They are often chunky and clunky, and they take up a lot of space in any room, which can be incredibly frustrating in small homes. Terma radiators UK wide do not fit into this mould. They are incredibly stylish and they become a statement piece in any room rather than being something you would rather want hidden. From copper to bronze, you can choose from stunning shades, and the minimalist designs and unique shapes are like a work of art. Not only do these radiators look amazing, but they are energy efficient too, and there is a range of add-ons and heating elements that you can purchase to boost the functionality and efficiency of your radiators.


What Should You Consider When Buying A Terma Electric Radiator?

Now that you have a good brand chosen, there are a number of other things you need to consider when looking for a Terma electric radiator or Terma towel radiator. You should look into the heating system. Dual fuel radiators are great for bathrooms, as you can use your central heating during the colder months and then switch to electric mode when the weather is hot to keep your towels dry and warm. You also need to consider the colours and finishes you want to go for, as well as the energy efficiency of the radiator. Technology is improving all of the time, and so there is no reason why your radiator should not provide high output while using a low amount of energy. Of course, price is another important factor, but you should never simply look for the cheapest radiator you can find. After all, an energy efficient model is going to save you way more money over time, so quality is always the most important factor.


Stylish Terma Radiators For Sale At Heating Style

Now that you are fully aware of the benefits associated with Terma radiators, you will be pleased to know that we have a great selection for sale at Heating Style. This includes stylish copper radiators, ribbon vertical radiators and other unique designs, as well as energy efficient models. To see the selection in full, simply head to our website at https://heating-style.co.uk. If you have any further questions about the Terma brand or any of the products that we have for sale on our website, simply give our customer services team a call on 01535 288307 and we will be more than happy to help.


Terma Radiators

Manufacturers guarantee on all products.

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