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Excellent radiators for the towels. We love them

The best towel radiators ever. We’re installing these in our second bathroom
As they’re so brilliant in our wetroom.

Good heated towel rail

This towel rail radiator looks good and seems to work well so far.

Fast service

When I placed the order, I was told that it was out of stock but would be available end of June. I was surprised, therefore, when the towel rail arrived the next day. The heater and fittings arrived separately two days later. It would have been nice to have known that they would arrive separately, but excellent service otherwise.

Pisa towel rail

Great price, product and delivered on time.
Perfect experience

Designer Bathroom Radiators | Heating Style
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Designer Bathroom Radiators - More Stylish And Beautiful Than Ever

Designer bathroom radiators may sound like a contradiction. After all, radiators are often considered purely functional and there’s not much that’s stylish about a metal box that sits on the wall – or is there? That needn’t be the case nowadays. Today’s manufacturers know that every element of a room should contribute to its overall look, including the humble radiator. You’ll find, therefore, if you refuse to settle for the usual plain white, bulky unit that takes up most of one wall, there are a whole host of new, attractive ways to add heat to a room. And that doesn’t mean compromising on style. From an elegant, sleek dual fuel towel rail to a contemporary look horizontal radiator, there’s plenty of choice.


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Central Heating, Electric Or Dual Fuel Designer Radiators, Which Are Best?

Your first major decision when considering designer bathroom radiators for what’s often the smallest room in the house is a practical one. And that’s how you want the space to be heated. Here, you have three main options. Do you install one or more designer bathroom radiator towel rails as part of your regular central heating system, or opt for a radiator that’s connected to your mains electricity supply and can be operated independently of your central heating? Alternatively, there are dual fuel designer towel rail radiators that are a combination of the two. The issue with a central heating or plumbed radiator is that it will only warm your towels when the rest of the heating is on around the house. That’s fine in winter, but what about summer, when you need neither the expense or the heat emitted by having the whole system on throughout your home? That’s why some people opt for an electric, stand-alone unit. This can be switched on at will, independent of the main system – a handy feature in summer, but can be more expensive than gas central heating to operate in the winter months. That’s why increasingly households are turning to dual fuel radiators. These really are the best of both worlds. In a time when energy prices are always rising, they give you more flexibility. With the addition of a towel rail element and T-piece, they can be turned on individually when needed to warm towels and the room, or operate as part of the overall central heating system if you’re heating the whole house in cooler months.

Taking Into Account Available Space When Choosing Designer Bathroom Radiators UK Wide

It’s estimated that the average size of a UK bathroom is just 8ft by 6ft; and if you’re fitting a bath, that will take up approximately a quarter of the available space. So it’s clear that heating that room effectively without eating too much into that space is going to be a challenge. Luckily, manufacturers of designer bathroom radiators UK wide take that into consideration at the design stage, and there are some great space-saving options available. For example, you can opt for single, double or convector radiators. A single panel radiator is slender and fits closely against a wall. But if that won’t warm your room enough, then there’s the double panel version, which offers about twice as much of the BTU power output. Convector radiators feature fins either as part of a single or double panel radiator, which help channel air more efficiently through them to emit more heat. But perhaps the best decision you can make in terms of a bathroom radiator is whether you choose a horizontal or a vertical model. Horizontal radiators are more usual around the rest of the home, and often in bathrooms too, but vertical designer bathroom towel radiators offer many advantages. Not only can they make a real design statement and become a focal point in your smallest room, but they are also a great space-saver. By choosing the right heat output (measured in BTU), you can keep your bathroom warm as well as drying and storing towels, and all without taking up long stretches of wall. That extra space can then be used for other fixtures and fittings.

But What Makes Designer Towel Radiators UK Wide Such A Style Statement?

The Victorians really went to town when designing radiators for their elegant homes, which can be seen in the intricate detail of their iron-cast designs. Modern radiators later became disappointingly more utilitarian in look, in part because of the bulk manufacturing process which made that classy design prohibitively expensive. But that’s not to say you can’t have stylish designer bathroom radiators now. More and more people are opting for designer towel radiators UK wide, and there is plenty of choice, allowing you to make a real fashion statement in your bathroom, but with all the benefits of modern advances in energy efficiency. From the range of colours, which include black, white, chrome and copper, to some fairly innovative and unique designs, such as radiators that will wrap around a corner to save space, there is truly something for every bathroom. Compact designer heated towel radiators that will heat your room to pleasant temperatures and keep your towels snuggly and warm do exist. As well as a choice of colour and size, there is also a range of materials to select from. These include the most common choices such as aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel and cast iron. Aluminium is a lightweight superconductor, so not only does it heat up and cool down fast, but installation is quick and easy. Stainless steel retains its heat for longer and won’t rust in steamy atmospheres. Mild steel is more affordable than other options; whereas cast iron is more expensive, but appropriate for period homes. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but at Heating Style, we’re always ready to advise on the pros and cons of any of our vast range.

Striking Designer Bathroom Radiators To Enhance Any Bathroom At Heating Style

It's important to make a statement in any room in your home, and that includes your bathroom or en-suite. It’s important to have a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere for you to unwind after your busy day. Adding designer bathroom radiators brings that peaceful spa-like feel.

In our bathroom collection, you'll find compact, functional and beautiful designs that allow you to bring a touch of style to your bathroom. We have various designs to choose from to suit all types of décor, from modern and sleek to traditional styles.

Our designer bathroom radiators are ideal for drying towels whilst keeping your bathroom toasty warm. They have high BTU heat output, which is a very important factor to look for in a bathroom radiator as the bathroom needs to be one of the warmest rooms in your home, especially after taking a bath or shower. 

The full range is here on our website at https://heating-style.co.uk. Remember, if you need a hand in choosing the best option for your home, our expert staff are always delighted to advise on 01535 288307.

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