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Quartz Mocha Vertical Rad

I got the Quartz Mocha for a client and the colour looks amazing. Good heat pumping out too. Would recommend.

Excellent service and Product

I recently bought 20 of these for a boutique hotel and they were all delivered next day, well packaged, well communicated and great quality. I will be back for my next project for certain.
Many Thanks,

Nice rad, but so far from the wall

As above, nice rad, but the supplied chrome spacers mean it stands away from the wall by 10cm or 4 inches. Not what we wanted in a smaller bathroom

Towelrads Smart Timed Thermostatic Towel Rail Element with Remote Cont
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Towelrads Smart Timed Thermostatic Towel Rail Element with Remote Control

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Towelrads Smart Thermostatic Towel Rail Element with Remote Control 


Towel rail elements

This Towel radiator heating element offers nine temperature settings from 30°C to 70°C (in steps of 5°C). It has an electronic temperature sensor that ensures precise temperature control. The device displays the temperature to which it is currently set and indicates the status of the heating cycle.

Remote Control

This towel rail element includes a remote control which further increases the functionality of the element, as it can be programmed to turn on and off at timed intervals with varying temperatures.

Dryer Function

This function allows the setting of higher heating power for 2 hours, after which the heating element returns to the previous state.

Intelligent Home Systems

In the event of a power failure, the heating device remembers the most recent settings used, which makes it suitable for connection to external timers or intelligent home systems.


The heater has an active safety feature that initiates in the event of dry radiator operation. The heating element is equipped with a temperature sensor and thermal fuse (double overheating protection) and offers frost protection (ANTIFREEZE). The heater will display warning indicators in the case of malfunction.


Product name MPN Output (Watts) Length
Smart Remote Control Thermostatic Element  126019 300 36 cm
Smart Remote Control Thermostatic Element 126020 600 55 cm
Smart Remote Control Thermostatic Element 126021 1000 75 cm
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Insulation class: Class I, Class II
    • IP level: IP44
    • Supply voltage: 230VAC 50Hz
    • Fixing: 1/2"


Selectable operational modes and functions: Stand-by, Comfort, Chrono, Antifreeze, Boost 2h, Key lock, ECO

Heating Style Thermostatic Radiator Heating Element Controller

Comfort Mode

This is the typical operating mode for the device. The "Comfort" temperature corresponds to the desired temperature for the towel radiator.
-Press the key until the "Comfort" icon is displayed.
-Set the desired temperature on the remote control. It is possible to choose between the following temperatures: 30°C, 35°C, 40°C, 45°C, 50°C, 55°C, 60°C, 65°C, 70°C.
In "Comfort" mode, the “Mode” LED turns red.

Chrono Mode

This operating mode allows the definition of a weekly program configurable for each day of the week.
To enter into this mode, press the key until the display shows the "Chrono" icon.

Anti-freeze Mode

In "Antifreeze" mode the device activates the heating element when the towel radiator temperature falls below 7°C. It is suggested to set this operating mode when the room is not occupied for several days.
-Press the [Mode] key until the display shows the "Antifreeze" icon.
In "Antifreeze" mode, the “Mode” LED blinks green

Boost 2h Mode

The "Boost 2h" can be used for quickly warming the room.
-To activate the “Boost 2h” mode, press the corresponding key until the "2h" icon is displayed.
To exit this mode, press either the [Boost 2h] key, the [On/Standby] key or the [Mode] key.
For safety reasons, the temperature will be automatically limited to 70°C.
In “Boost 2h” mode, the “Mode” LED blinks red.

Key Lock

This function allows locking the buttons of the device to avoid inadvertent modifications of the settings.
All the keys are disabled except the [On/Standby] button.
Press together the [Mode] and [+] keys for 3 seconds to activate this mode.
To unlock the buttons repeat the procedure.

ECO Mode

In this mode, you select a preset temperature level of the towel rail, amounting to 50°C (fixed), independently of the other device settings. This function allows reducing energy consumption.
To activate/deactivate the “ECO” mode, press the corresponding [ECO] key.
In "ECO" mode, the “Mode” LED turns red. 

Instruction Manual


Customer Reviews

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John Morton

I contacted the company to send to France.Delivery was quick and efficient.The unit plus remote control work very well and I am very pleased.I will have no hesitation in using this company when required.

Paul Brooks

Easy to install. Works great

Mark Harris
super service

Excellent people to do business with.

Matthew Johnson
Great product, great service

Fast delivery and great customer service. The element is now installed and is working well. You can control everything from the remote which is really useful and makes it easier to use.

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