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Terma T-Piece

Arrived as promised. Not yet fitted but looks fine. Thanks.

Great small radiator

Just had this small towel rail 800X300 installed in my downstairs clock room. It's good quality and looks great. Delivery and customer service were great.


This radiator really is gorgeous, can't wait to get it installed into our bathroom! Easy to use website and fast delivery. Thank you Heating Style!

High Quality

Really happy with my purchase, beautiful towel rail with seamless integration of the heating element. Really good quality.


When selecting the control unit the guidance as to what other parts could be required was excellent. I purchased them and all were of a high quality and fitted perfectly. Great company to deal with.

Designer Bathroom Radiators - Designer Radiators | Heating Style

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Designer Bathroom Radiators - A Complete Guide

Designer bathroom radiators offer the perfect way to give your bathroom a stylish and modern look. We tend to dismiss radiators in terms of room design. They are merely bulky items that get in the way – taking up too much space and being a detriment to the overall appearance. However, this does not need to be the case. Designer radiators such as Terma radiators prioritise style. They are designed to enhance the bathroom, becoming a focal point for all of the right reasons. With that in mind, read on to discover what to consider when choosing a designer radiator for your home.

How To Choose Designer Radiators For Your Bathroom

There are many different factors you need to consider when looking for designer bathroom radiators for your home. The first thing you need to take into account is the type of radiator you are purchasing. There are three different types of designer bathroom radiator towel rails to choose from: central heating, electric and dual fuel. A central heating radiator, otherwise known as a plumbed radiator, is a standard radiator. Basically, it is a metal container which is filled with hot water that is heated via the boiler. The heat will then radiate out into your property. The rate at which it does so depends on a number of different factors, including design, size and material. Electric radiators, on the other hand, are radiators that are typically filled with thermo-fluid or another type of fluid, which can be heated using an electrical element. These radiators will be wired directly to your mains supply or powered via your nearest power socket. Finally, you have dual fuel designer towel rail radiators, which are a combination of the two radiators that have just been mentioned. These radiators give you greater flexibility because they enable you to turn on one or several radiators using electricity, even if your central heating is not turned on. The benefit of this is that you can heat one room without needing to heat the entire house, and so you can use energy much more efficiently.

Other Considerations When Searching For The Best Designer Bathroom Radiators UK

Now that you are aware of the different types of designer bathroom radiators UK wide you can choose from, there are some other factors that need to be taken into account as well. You also have the choice of single, double or convector radiators. A single panel radiator is the most basic version. They are slim and fit close to the wall. Double panel radiators are two single panels stacked against one another. The purpose of this is to generate around twice as much of the BTU power output. Convector radiators can be either single or double panel radiators, yet they have convector fins welded to them. This is to channel air through to heat spaces better. You can also opt for either panel or column radiators. Another factor you need to think about when shopping for designer bathroom towel radiators is whether to choose a horizontal or vertical design. Horizontal radiators are more common, with a wide range of designs to choose from at affordable prices. They are the safest option design-wise, as they fit everywhere. However, vertical radiators are becoming more and more popular for their unique appearance and the fact that they can free up a lot of space, in bathrooms especially. They are great for those looking to make a real design statement in their bathroom. Heat output is another vital consideration, and this is measured in BTU. Essentially, the hotter your radiator can get, the higher the BTU will be.


Designer Towel Radiators UK That Will Enhance Your Bathroom

When looking for designer bathroom radiators, style obviously plays a pivotal role. The great thing about designer towel radiators UK wide is that you have some of the most amazing radiators to choose from. You will find a whole host of unique designs, enabling your radiator or towel heater to become a design element, rather than an ugly inconvenience. You do not need to go for the standard white radiator that we have all become familiar with. You can go for surprising and striking designer heated towel radiators that will add tons of beauty to your bathroom. From black to copper, you can select from a huge range of stunning finishes. Of course, other considerations that impact both style and performance are material and size. The most common radiator materials include aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel and cast iron. Aluminium is a superconductor, which means it heats up and cools down at rapid speed, so you can achieve the ideal temperature with ease. Aluminium radiators are also lightweight and, therefore, installation is easier and quicker. Stainless steel stays warm long after you turn off the heating and it does not rust. However, you need to choose a manufacturer with care, as not all stainless steel is created equally. Mild steel is low cost and very common. Finally, cast iron used to be popular prior to modern insulation. If you live in a period home, cast iron radiators may be present. However, you can upgrade them for stainless steel versions, which replicate the traditional designs so you don’t have to take away from the old feel of your home.


For Stunning Designer Bathroom Radiators, Look No Further Than Heating Style

At Heating Style, we have a great selection of designer bathroom radiators to choose from. This includes radiators from the best brands, including Terma and Accuro. Choose from a wide range of finishes and unique designs. Plus, all of our models are energy efficient and we have great add-ons too, including heating elements. To see our product selection in full, head to https://heating-style.co.uk. If you require assistance choosing the best radiator for your home or business, simply call us on 01535 288307 to discuss your needs. We will be more than happy to assist you in any manner we can.


designer bathroom radiators

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