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Excellent radiators for the towels. We love them

The best towel radiators ever. We’re installing these in our second bathroom
As they’re so brilliant in our wetroom.

Good heated towel rail

This towel rail radiator looks good and seems to work well so far.

Fast service

When I placed the order, I was told that it was out of stock but would be available end of June. I was surprised, therefore, when the towel rail arrived the next day. The heater and fittings arrived separately two days later. It would have been nice to have known that they would arrive separately, but excellent service otherwise.

Pisa towel rail

Great price, product and delivered on time.
Perfect experience

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Black Designer Radiators

Black Designer Radiators

A radiator is not just about heating your home, but making a statement in any room that it is placed in. Here at Heating Style our black designer radiators will keep you on-trend, and warm, and have a great heat output that you can rely on for years to come. Are you tired of traditional radiators ruining the aesthetic of your well-thought-out interior? Why not go for an eye-catching black radiator that is a combination of expert design and high-quality performance all in one? Gone are the days of boring, white radiators that are an eyesore in any space, we aim to provide eye-catching black radiators that are going to become a focal point and feature of your interior design, but that means you've got some choices to make! From single to double panelled and horizontal radiators to vertical, our products come in all shapes and size options. A designer radiator really can be a design highlight of a room, so don't compromise on style! Our excellent range of radiators allows you to have a classic, sophisticated piece all whilst keeping up great performance and efficiency.

Here at Heating Style, we have black radiators which can be housed in any space or home, from bathrooms to kitchens and bedrooms. If you have recently updated your home to a darker theme, or just fancy a contrasting colour to light walls, then a black radiator is a perfect choice! Becoming increasingly popular, darker interior design can really showcase minimalistic pieces such as radiators black in colour to really give your space a stylish edge. Opting for a designer radiator with stunning shapes and features can really make it look like a piece of art on your wall, drawing visitors' attention and becoming a talking point. You may also wish to have your radiator blend in with your style choices, so placing a darker-coloured radiator on dark walls can almost hide it if you'd rather its heat output be felt and not seen within a room.

Designer radiators with double panels can offer great heat output for a wall in a larger room, whereas a single panel radiator is perfect for a small, narrow space such as a landing or hallway. If you need some more help choosing the right heating requirements for your space, then our BTU Calculator is the perfect place to start! The space that you have available for a radiator will also determine the direction. A horizontal radiator will look great in all the classic places such as under a window, vertical radiators are perfect for smaller or more awkward spaces.

How Much More Efficient Are Black Radiators?

It is said that matt black radiators are the most efficient colour choice of radiator, however, the actual difference in heat output is around 1%. It is common knowledge that black absorbs heat and white reflects so there arguably may be higher retention of heat with the installation of a black radiator rather than that of a lighter colour. Whether you choose column radiators, a horizontal radiator, vertical radiator or electric towel rail the colour choice really is down to the style of your space and individual taste and is not likely to make a hugely significant improvement to the heat output of your heating product. A 1% difference really is not going to be noticeable in your home, so no matter a flat panel, horizontal radiator or electric radiators, our whole range will perform to optimum temperatures and provide excellent heat output all year round.

Shop Black Designer Radiators From Heating Style

Here at Heating Style, we offer FREE and FAST UK delivery on orders, so you can get that stylish home heating for an affordable price without breaking the bank. Whether you require a single black radiator to complete a room, or you need a few to complete a renovation project, office revamp or to kit out your restaurant, then we have the perfect heating solutions for you at a competitive price. Now you've chosen your radiator, we also have a great range of stylish radiator valves and other accessories to make the installation or maintenance of your new heating product simple and affordable.

We offer a wide range of black radiators in every shape, size and shade for you to choose from. Whatever your requirements and wants are, our radiators aren't just great and heating a home and keeping you warm, but also become a stylish, on-trend focal point to any space. Expertly designed, long-long lasting and excellent quality all of our radiators are a great choice to ensure the combination of heat output, efficiency and sophisticated style.

Not What You're Looking For?

If a designer black radiator isn't quite what you're looking for, then why not shop our wide range of other heating products. We also stock a fantasic range of black heated towel rails, as well as radiators in anthracite, copper, chrome and stainless steel. Still struggling to find what you're looking for? Contact our expert team who will be able to guide you through the best products for your needs.


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