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Quartz Mocha Vertical Rad

I got the Quartz Mocha for a client and the colour looks amazing. Good heat pumping out too. Would recommend.

Excellent service and Product

I recently bought 20 of these for a boutique hotel and they were all delivered next day, well packaged, well communicated and great quality. I will be back for my next project for certain.
Many Thanks,

Nice rad, but so far from the wall

As above, nice rad, but the supplied chrome spacers mean it stands away from the wall by 10cm or 4 inches. Not what we wanted in a smaller bathroom

Horizontal VS Vertical Radiators – Which is the right choice for me?
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Horizontal Radiators VS Vertical Radiators – Which is the right choice for my room?

Horizontal Radiators VS Vertical Radiators – Which is the right choice for my room?

Oct 02, 2018

Once upon a time choosing the radiators for your home would have been an easy task, the obvious choice would have been the traditional white panel radiator placed under your window frame. However, this is now a thing of the past! Designer radiators are becoming increasingly popular, bringing a decorative feature piece to your room and offering so much more than just a source of heat. This brings a harder decision when choosing the correct radiators for your home, because there are so many different styles available on the market today; the two main ones being horizontal and vertical radiators. So, the main question that will arise is should I get horizontal or vertical radiators for my room? Read on to discover how to choose between the two.

The Benefits of Vertical Radiators

If you really want to step out of the norm and do something extra special with your homes heating, what you need is a vertical designer radiator! Their tall and slim design brings a modern, ultra-stylish feel, adding the “WOW” factor to any room in your home.

They are compact yet fill the room with oodles of style and sophistication. The tall design stands out more than a horizontal radiator which automatically makes them the more eye-catching choice. 

Accuro Korle Korlea Designer Vertical Radiator | Space Saving Radiator

Space saving

A huge benefit of opting for a vertical radiator is that they offer the same BTU heat output as a horizontal radiator but use far less wall space because of their vertical proportions. So, if you have a room with limited wall space available, a designer vertical radiator could be the perfect choice for you.

You can see the comparison between vertical and horizontal below, and the impact they have on the wall space.

Carisa Barkod Designer vertical horizontal Radiator anthracite


As you can see from these two photos, the vertical radiator makes much better use of the wall space available, while still providing very similar BTU heat output as the horizontal radiator. Vertical is the perfect space saving option!

More than just a heat source

No need to invest in a full-length body mirror when your radiator has one built into it! See the image below; you wouldn’t even think this was a radiator looking at it, would you? This would be perfect in a bedroom setting to add a supremely stylish element to the room. Another great way of making use of the space available in a unique way.

 Newbury Chrome Mirror Designer Vertical Radiator

Upgrade your décor and add value to your property

Vertical designer radiators are an easy way to upgrade your home décor, they bring a fresh new look and add a luxurious feel to your home design. Replacing your radiators for new upgraded ones is a worthwhile investment; as they will more than likely add value to your property should you decide to sell.


The benefits of horizontal radiators

Horizontal radiators are the more traditional option, yet you can still select one that is much more contemporary-looking than your existing ones. We have various horizontal radiators of many different shapes and colours, so even if you want to stick to the traditional horizontal style you can still step out of the norm and choose something eye-catching.

Quicker job, less cost

If you are looking for a quick and easy upgrade, it’s usually easier to replace your existing radiators with new ones of the same size. This way if the dimensions are exactly the same you won’t need to change the pipework. This means that your new radiators can be installed in the exact same place as your old ones – simply swap them over and you’re done!

Subsequently this will lead to less cost, as you won’t need to pay a plumber to change the pipework. If you are a keen and capable DIY-er you may even find that you can swap the radiators over yourself, so no installation fees! The job will be done faster and with less fuss.

The perfect way to give your room an updated look without having to break the bank.

They can still bring a modern look!

One way to give your radiators a spruce up is to go for a different colour, anthracite is proving a very popular choice to give your room a modern upgrade. See our stunning Merlo Anthracite designer horizontal radiator below.

Merlo Anthracite Designer Horizontal Radiator | Single Panel Radiator

Its understated design doesn’t stray too far from the norm, yet the on-trend anthracite colour combined with the compact columns will give your room a flawless update.

And if you are set on horizontal radiators yet could still benefit from a space saving design, we do have some other options for you. For example, see our Terma PLC designer horizontal radiator below.

 Terma PLC designer copper horizontal radiator

As you can see this slim-line design will save far more wall space than the bulkier panel radiators and brings a totally unique and stunning element to the room - A Heating Style favorite!

But whatever you go for, the choice is yours!

Now for the fun part, you can choose exactly what suits your style the most. If you have big rooms with plenty of wall space to play with then you may benefit from a straight swap, saving you time and money as you won’t need to pull up the floor boards and change the pipework. But if wall space is limited in your home then you will benefit from selecting a space saving vertical radiator instead. But remember it is your choice, go with what feels right to you.

Make sure you choose a radiator with the correct BTU heat output for your room, if you need help working this out, use our BTU calculator.

Do you need some inspiration for heating your living room in style? Then read our blog “Top 7 Designer Living Room Radiators 2018!


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