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Terma Hex Radiator - Copper

Absolutely love this radiator from heating-style.co.uk, the Terma hex radiator is so unique and reminds me of honeycomb. Looks amazing in Copper, trying to convince the wife we need the black one in the en-suite next. Love it. Thanks guys.

I contacted the company to send to France.Delivery was quick and efficient.The unit plus remote control work very well and I am very pleased.I will have no hesitation in using this company when required.

Excellent product

We are fitting out 3 holiday cottages and didn't want the towel radiators on all day , the bluetooth and app option gives us the ability to set them to come on and off several times a day to provide a little bit of towel warming without wasting energy during the summer season and not overheating the room - 2 ordered and fitted - 3rd one just ordered.


It was so good I am ordering another one.

Designer Towel Rails – How you could benefit from adding a heated towe
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Designer Towel Rails – How you could benefit from adding a heated towel rail to your bathroom

Designer Towel Rails – How you could benefit from adding a heated towel rail to your bathroom

May 09, 2018


The bathroom is often the coldest room in a home, when in fact you need it to be one of the warmest, especially after taking a bath or shower. It’s important to keep your bathroom warm to bring you comfort and adding a designer towel rail does just this. It also gives you the option to hang your towels to keep them dry and warm. A designer towel rail will spruce up your décor and bring a spa-like feel to add a relaxing, warm atmosphere. Say goodbye to that terrible feeling of dread when you have to face the cold hard shock of stepping out of the shower.

 Electric Stone Designer Radiator Designer Towel Rails



Designer towel rails are becoming increasingly popular and its not hard to see why, they are highly versatile and offer great functionality to your bathroom. They provide efficient heat to the room while keeping your towels warm and dry. They’re also great spacing saving options, with their sleek design allowing you to make the most of your bathroom space. We have some fabulous space saving bahtroom radiators available, including our Terma Aire Towel Rail which is only 621x300mm and our Terma Incorner and Outcorner designer towel rails, which either tuck neatly into or wrap around a corner.


Space saving radiator terma outcorner designer towel rail


Dual Fuel Towel Rails

A great benefit of a heated towel rail is their ability to have the dual fuel radiator function. This means that, with the addition of an electric heating element and a T-piece, you can make your designer towel rail heat up either electrically via the heating element, or hydronically via the central heating system. This is a great feature to have because often you may only want to power the one radiator in your bathroom to warm up your towels and heat the room to a comfortable temperature before you take a bath or shower. The dual fuel functionality allows you to do this, without the need to waste energy switching on your central heating system and heating the rest of your home unnecessarily.

In the summer, the central heating system tends to stay off, but wouldn’t it be great if you could still dry your towels? A dual fuel towel rail allows you to do just this! It provides ultimate heating flexibility. Most of our bathroom radiators can be transformed into a dual fuel towel rail.

You may also opt for a fully electric towel rail, with the addition of just the electric heating element. This means that your radiator will not be connected to the central heating system at all and it will only be powered by the electric heating element. If a room isn’t currently served by the central heating system, installing an electric heating element could be a cheaper option to consider, rather than extending your plumbing. We have a vast range of electrical elements to choose from, including thermostatic towel rail elements and Bluetooth elements!

Terma Crystal Dual Fuel Radiator Designer Towel Rail

We also sell electric radiators that are pre-installed with a Terma ONE electric heating element. Another option is our electric glass and stone designer radiators that can be transformed into a towel rail with the addition of the towel bar, these stunning radiators come with an interactive remote control.

Enhance your bathroom décor

With the increasing demand for designer towel rails, they are advancing. There are now various stylish designs available on the market today that will add a real “WOW” factor to your bathroom. Here at Heating Style we have various unique designer towel rails available as well as the classic chrome ladder rail, so no matter what your taste you can be sure to find the perfect one to suit your home. Adding a designer radiator offers far more than just a source of heat, it can add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom décor. We have so many stunning options available, choosing which one you’d like will be the hardest part! From our unique Terma Swale towel rail, with its quirky asymmetric shape and offset pattern, to our modern Accuro Korle Daisy towel radiator, the options are endless!

 Terma Swale Radiator Designer Towel Rails


Luxurious yet affordable

A designer towel rail is a great way for you to enjoy a touch of luxury at an affordable price. Many summon the thought that adding a heated towel rail to their bathroom is an expensive addition that will step beyond their budget, but our heated towel rails start from only £54.99! So no matter what your budget, you can enjoy a heated towel rail in your bathroom.


 Chrome Ladder Rail Designer towel rails


Now you have the challenging task of choosing which designer towel rail you’d like to add to your bathroom, if you need any advice we will be happy to help. Call our customer helpline on 01535 288307 and one of our friendly members of staff will be happy to help.


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