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Towel Rail Elements for Dual Fuel/Electric Radiator Conversion

Towel Rail Element Terma MOA radiator heating element

Electric Towel Rail Heating Elements for Radiators & Towel RailsTerma Logo

  • Electrical Towel Rail Elements are a fantastic way to heat an individual radiator without the need to heat the whole house with the central heating. Therefore reducing your energy bills and making your home more efficient.

  • Our range of Radiator Heating Elements vary from the simplistic SIM, to the most popular MEG, to our most advanced thermostatic heating element, the KTX 4. We now also stock thermostatic towel rail elements and Bluetooth elements

  • Check out our range of dual fuel radiators to see which of our radiators are compatible with electric heating elements. 
  • Please match the wattage of the element you purchase with the wattage of the towel rail its going into
  • Fully electric radiators must leave an air gap for expansion, and in dual fuel radiators always make sure that one valve of the radiator remains open.
  • These Electric Heating Elements are compatible with most standard radiators, however if you are unsure feel free to contact us!


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