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Excellent service and Product

I recently bought 20 of these for a boutique hotel and they were all delivered next day, well packaged, well communicated and great quality. I will be back for my next project for certain.
Many Thanks,

Nice rad, but so far from the wall

As above, nice rad, but the supplied chrome spacers mean it stands away from the wall by 10cm or 4 inches. Not what we wanted in a smaller bathroom

Simple to install and use

Please with this, warm towels to my schedule in the summer. Easy to install, just turn the rad upside down, fill with fluid and screw in. Used electrician for the wiring. Took him 10 mins.

Smooth installation

Hello, I have just replaced all radiators in a Victorian house with these and it had made so much difference. We knew the old ones were inefficient but the difference is incredible. House is now a home. Highly recommend.

Home Renovation

After renovating 4 rooms in my house at the same time and dealing with numerous online companies, I found Heating-style and their lovely customer service girls to be breath of fresh air. I bought 5 Terma Rolo Radiators in various colours and am delighted with them all. They finish of the rooms so perfectly and the team kept me up to date throughout the process. There were some delays from the manufacturer but there weren't any issues as they were completely upfront and transparent about everything. Would highly recommend.

Dual Fuel Towel Rails - Ultimate Heating Flexibility | Heating Style
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Dual Fuel Towel Rails

Dual fuel towel rail options are increasingly popular among consumers looking for more efficient ways to benefit from their heating systems. Often installed in designer bathroom radiators in the bathroom, but also useful for kitchens, cloakrooms and utility areas, this type of radiator can run off either your main central heating system or electricity. The addition of a towel rail element and a T-piece converts an existing appliance so that you can use either heat source, depending on your requirements. This gives you the best of both worlds. You can selectively heat the parts of your home at will or heat the whole house when needed. This offers energy efficiency and can cut your utility bills. Read more below...


Why Dual Fuel Designer Radiators Offer Advantages To Consumers

Looking at a specific example of how this works in practice when it’s cold outside, your towel rail can simply operate alongside all the other radiators in the house, through the central heating system. However, if it’s summer and you just want to take the chill off a single room – and dry or warm your towels  - the radiator can be plugged in to heat that room alone using electricity. Even though electricity is a little more expensive than gas, you’re only using what you need and when you need it. So this enables you to use energy efficiently, as you are not forced to heat the entire home just to have a comfortable bath or shower. Inevitably, then, if used correctly, dual fuel heated towel rails for bathrooms will enhance your ability to save money overall on your energy bills. But that’s not the only way a dual fuel towel rail can contribute to the efficient operation of your heating system and cutting the costs of your utilities. There are also a host of additional features you can look for when choosing the right dual fuel heated towel rail for your home. For instance, there are programmable models. These allow you to set radiators in individual rooms to operate only at the specific times when you know you need heat in these locations. This saves relying on family members remembering to turn the heating on in advance – and more importantly, turn it off when not in use.     

Choosing The Right Dual Fuel Towel Rail Element For Your Household Requirements

What’s more, the typical dual fuel towel rail element also includes a thermostat, which will allow you to set the radiator to maintain a cosy, constant temperature within the room. This will happen regardless of the temperature of the towel rail itself, the outside weather conditions or the temperature in the rest of the house. Investing in a towel rail dual fuel heating element with Bluetooth functionality further benefits the typical householder. As we all move towards smart homes, the ability to remotely control when your heating comes on and goes off via a mobile phone or computer is something that many energy users looking for efficiency will welcome. You can make sure the room is warm when you return from a night out or a holiday, for instance. If economy is your style, you’ll also appreciate a dual fuel towel rail with an element that helps you measure ongoing energy use in real-time. You will know how much you’re spending and can budget for future bills accordingly. And for those who like to prepare to prevent emergencies (and who doesn’t?), look for an anti-freeze function. This will automatically switch your radiator on when the ambient temperature drops below a certain level to stop your pipes from freezing. So now you know a little more about the functionality and versatility that a dual fuel towel radiator and the various types of heating elements can offer your home, you’re ready to start thinking about the model that might best fit your needs.

How Do I Choose The Right Dual Fuel Traditional Towel Rail For My Home?

Whether you are looking for a dual fuel traditional towel rail or want something more modern-looking, there are some fundamentals that remain the same as you browse through your options. Firstly, you need to determine what size dual fuel towel rail you need. This is dependent on a few factors: the size of the room you’re heating; the numbers of towels you’ll want to store on there at a time; and the available wall space to mount the radiator on. Using our BTU Calculator (there’s one here on our website) will give you a good idea of the output you’ll need to keep the room at the optimum temperature. This takes into account the specific needs of a bathroom and the type of insulation already in place that might affect heat loss – whether you have double glazing, what windows there are and which direction they face, and so on. Then, if you’re buying a radiator heating element to add thermostatic and/ or Bluetooth control, for instance, you must ensure that both the radiator and its wattage are compatible with that element. Add in the huge choice in styles, colours, and sizes of towel rail radiators available, and your options could get confusing. So if you need advice and guidance on what you should be looking for when investing in a towel rail element, why not read through our handy guide to buying a towel rail element in our blog section? At Heating Style, we love offering great customer service that will make sure the products you buy from us match your every requirement.

Need Help And Advice On A Dual Fuel Towel Rail? Contact Heating Style Today

A dual fuel towel rail can give homeowners much-needed control over the energy used in heating and drying towels in a bathroom – or even in a kitchen, utility space or cloakroom. But for the very best results, it pays to purchase yours from a supplier that you can trust. At Heating Style, we’ve picked the very best products on the market from the most trusted suppliers with the best reputation for quality, build, reliability and value for money. All of our Dual Fuel towel rails can be used in conjunction with a T-piece and a Towel Rail Element in order to give multi-functionality. This allows for a radiator to be heated both electrically by the element, and by the conventional central heating method (hence the term dual fuel). This function is ideal in the summer for heating a single radiator without the cost of heating your entire house. You can see the full range here on our website, https://heating-style.co.uk, but remember, we’re always happy to offer individual advice. The number to call is 01535 288307.



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