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Terma MOA Electrical Towel Rail Radiator Heating Element
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Terma MOA Electrical Towel Rail Radiator Heating Element

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Transform your towel rail into an electric appliance with our Terma MOA heating element! MOA is a modern design that will fit seamlessly into your radiator. Add a T-piece to make a dual fuel radiator, which is an electric radiator that is still connected to the central heating system, meaning in the winter you can heat your radiator via the central heating system, but in summer when the central heating is switched off, you can heat it using the element. 

When selecting the wattage element required, you must match it to the output of the towel rail that the element will be installed into as closely as possible. Read on to find out all the functions that Terma MOA offers. 



radiator heating element Terma MOA electric towel rail element offers 5 temperature settings ranging from 30¬įC to 60¬įC. It is equipped with an electronic temperature sensor that guarantees precise temperature control. The Terma MOA towel radiator heating element displays the current set temperature level and the status of the heating cycle using illuminated diodes. The thermostatic heating element has very low power consumption in standby mode.

2 Hour Dryer Function

This function allows the setting of a higher heating power for two hours, after which the heating element returns to its previous setting. 


The MOA electrical element is supplied with a straight 1.5m long cable¬†and without a plug, it is also available with a ‚Äėcable masking cover‚Äô as an optional extra.


Available colours: white and chrome. The towel warmer heating element can also be offered in any RAL colour and Terma special colours (including brass and gold) subject to a minimum order of 100 pcs per colour.

Intelligent Building Systems

In the event of a power failure, MOA remembers the previous setting, therefore making it suitable for connection to external timers and intelligent building systems.


MOA is equipped with frost protection (ANTIFREEZE), as well as double protection against overheating of the radiator or towel rail. It displays warning indicators in case of malfunction. Operation in a dry radiator is forbidden, MOA has an active safety feature which will cause the element to stop working if this takes place, to avoid it damaging the radiator. 

Do not use the heating element in heating systems where the water temperature¬†exceeds 82¬į C.

Dual Fuel Functionality when combined with a T-Piece

1.5m Long Cable




Power Supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Device Protection Class Class I
Radiator Connection G 1/2"
Ingress protection [IP]



120W = 315mm

200W = 285mm

300W = 310mm

400W = 345mm

600W = 375mm

800W = 485mm

1000W = 575mm



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