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Towel rail heater

Works well very efficient pleased with the product

Great service over the phone

The advice I was given in a phone call on technical matters was very good. The flexibility shown if I were needing to return the item if it was not suitable was great.

super service

Excellent people to do business with.

Terma Reg2 heater

A good looking product which is easy to install and works well. Excellent service from heating-style.co.uk, would not hesitate in using them again.

Corner radiator

Great product. Highly recommended

Solo 6 White Energy Efficient LST Low Surface Temperature Radiator
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Solo 6 High BTU Output LST Radiator (Low Surface Temperature Radiator) - Energy Efficient Wall Mounted Panel Heater

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Solo 3 Radiator As seen on Grand DesignsThe Solo 6 Radiator’s intelligent fan convector delivers a truly innovative heating solution. Our low surface temperature LST radiator promises to deliver a more stylish, flexible, responsive and energy efficient heating option. We understand the users needs to have control of their environment. Solo 6 Radiator is designed to provide precise control of conditions, resulting in optimal comfort whilst minimising energy consumption. 


Energy Efficient

Consume 40% less energy than conventional radiators making it a more cost-effective heating option.

Instant Heat

Solo 6 Radiator contains 5% of the water volume of a conventional radiator resulting in much more rapid rate of convection.

Low Surface Tempurature

Maintains low surface temperature regardless of water temperature; making this radiator ideal for nursery's, care homes, hospitals & family homes.

Temperature Control

Adjustable heating levels to maintain comfort in step with fluctuating weather conditions.

Flexible Heating Solution

Designed to integrate effectively with low temperature systems such as geothermal, heat pumps, solar, condensing gas and oil boilers. Solo Radiator also operates efficiently alongside other heat emitters.

Compact and Stylish

Significantly smaller than conventional radiators, Solo Radiator’s slim and stylish design compliments all decor in private or commercial spaces where space is at a premium.

No Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Solo Radiator requires no thermostatic radiator valves to prevent heat emission when not required.

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Solo 6 is Patented, and one of the unique features of Solo 6 is that it requires no water valves to prevent heat emission when not required. Even with 85C water flow, there will be zero convection, but there will be a very minor degree of radiation from the coil surface. Because all Solo´s can therefore be on a single flow and return pipe system, zoning can be simply done by grouping areas electrically and feeding them from time clocks or switches. This eliminates the need for zone valves and piping complexity.

Boiler Sizing

Solo allows the designer to base the capacity on design heat loss, and not the capacity to bring the temperature up in a reasonable time. The zero thermal mass of Solo 6 dramatically assists in both response as well as boiler or heat pump sizing. This allows the designer to downsize the boiler or heat pump by 40-50% relative to conventional sizing practice.

Condensing Boilers

Because Solo 6 operates effectively at much lower water temperatures than radiators, condensing boilers can be made condense under all load circumstances, and this results in major energy saving.

Heat Pumps

Due to the fact that Solo 6 can operate at low water temperatures, Solo6 is ideal for use with Heat Pumps, and in fact this was the primary design goal of Solo. Constant flow through the system greatly assists correct operation of heat pumps.


There is no balancing requirement with Solo´s as the hydraulic resistance relative to that encountered in flow and return piping is such that virtually the exact same flow will be provided to each terminal. This is also aided by the lack of valves in the system.

Surface temperature

As standard, Solo's surface temperature never reaches danger levels regardless of water temperature, and in fact, always averages at room temperature. It can therefore be considered a low surface temperature (LST) radiator.

 Heat up time

A Solo terminal will generate significant heat immediately hot water is available to it. 


Solo allows total control with minimal energy waste.

  • Fast Acting

  • Low Water Content

  • Capacity Control

  • Temperature Control

  • Temperature Suspension

  • Remote Shutdown of Pumps

  • No Unreliable Valves




Solo 3 Radiator Technical Specifications

Horizontal / Vertical H
Electric / Hydronic Hydronic + Electric Fan
Height 410mm
Width 985mm
Depth 110mm
Weight 13.8Kg
BTU ? 50°C 18084
Watts ? 50°C 5300

Solo radiator technical infomation

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Impressive heat output

The heat output on this radiator is amazing! I have one in my big open plan living room / diner and the one single radiator heats it with ease, its very impressive. It may be more expensive than other radiators but if you consider the heat output its worth the money. Definitely recommend for those who need a high heat output radiator.

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