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What is the best way to manage our heating in the unpredictable Britis
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What is the best way to manage our heating in the unpredictable British weather?

What is the best way to manage our heating in the unpredictable British weather?

Jun 20, 2017

Sunny one minute, cold and raining the next. Wondering what you should do?

When you’re unsure of the weather – especially in the British spring/summer time, it is hard to decide whether you should keep your heating on or off. There are many debates on whether or not it is cheaper to leave the heating on a lower heat constantly or if it’s cheaper to simply turn the heating on and off when you’re actually home and have a good idea of what setting the thermostat should be on.

Experts aren't even singing off the same hymn sheet for this one either!

Which side of the debate are you on? We’d love to know!

The Energy Saving Trust claims if you keep your heating on all day you're losing energy all day when nobody is there to benefit, making it more cost effective to only heat your home when you need it.

So is this the right thing to do when the weather can’t decide? Maybe, but maybe not as others argue there are many more benefits of keeping your heating on low constantly as turning your heating on and off every time causes condensation to collect within the walls, which then helps to conduct heat outside the home meaning you lose heat quicker and use more energy which isn’t ideal on the colder days. They also suggest turning all radiator valves to the maximum and the boiler to the minimum.

At Heating Style, we believe the key to this debacle is BALANCE.

Getting the balance just right allows you to have the best of both worlds. By using your timer and having the heating on only at certain times during the day which tend to be cooler (i.e early morning and evening) means that you’re not pumping out unnecessary energy all day. Or you can be selective with the rooms you want to heat using your thermostatic radiator valves.

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